American-Made Steel:

All safe bodies are constructed from 100% solid American-made steel, up to 1/4″ thick.

Safe Body:

The body is pressure formed from one piece of steel. The top and bottom caps are welded with 100% continuous MIG welds.


Double-Steel Door Casement™:

To add strength and rigidity to the safe body, Superior adds two layers of formed steel around the perimeter of the doorway. The door casement quadruples doorway strength, increasing hinge rigidity and pry-resistance.

Door Thickness:

We are known for using thick, heavy, outer door steel. Many of our safes use 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ solid, outer steel with a second protective layer inside the door.


Delta Force™ Door (Crown & Triumph):

The wedge or delta-shaped side door profile, which we call the Delta Force™, is the most pry-resistant of any safe door design. As the Delta Force™ name implies, the Crown and Triumph doors are the “Best of the Best”.


Double Plate Steel Door™ (Trophy, Medalist & Model T):

The Double Plate Steel Door™ is constructed of two American-made steel plates with fire insulation sandwiched inside. The door edge is constructed from up to four layers of laminated steel. This exclusive design offers up to 13 times greater door strength and rigidity.


Triple-Step™ Door (Untouchable & Supreme):

Our finest door design, the ultimate in door security, is used on the Supreme and Untouchable Series.


Double-Step™ Door (Master & Regal):

Superior’s exclusive Double-step™ door design used on the Regal and Master Series provides extra door rigidity, pry-resistance and improved fire ratings.


Internal Hinges (Champion Safe Models):

Champion uses heavy-duty ball-bearing internal hinges. Internal hinges cost more but provide additional security.


External Hinges (Superior Safe Models):

To support the weight of Superior’s massive doors, all models use external hinges. External hinges offer greater hinge rigidity and up to 180° of door opening.


Four-Way Boltworks:

To provide the highest level of security, active door bolts must be positioned on all four sides of the door. Four-way active door bolts are found in all models.

Door Bolt Count & Diameter:

Increased bolt counts and larger diameter door bolts provide greater pry-resistance and door security.


Door Detent System:

The detent system prevents bolt movement when the safe’s door is open. Closing the door with extended door bolts could damage the mechanism and external finish.


Pinion-Driven Radial Gear:

To operate the larger boltworks on the Untouchable and Supreme Series, Superior developed the Pinion-Driven Radial Gear. This system is unsurpassed for strength, precision, and smoothness.

Clutch Drive System:

All models have a clutch system that eliminates excessive handle pressure from damaging the safe’s internal mechanism.


Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate™:

The ultimate in lock protection. Superior Safe bonds industrial diamond to 1/4″ thick through–hardened tungsten steel to create the most impenetrable lock protection available.


Glass-Guard Relock System™:

Superior uses a tempered-glass, bank vault type relocker to protect the safe’s lock on all Supreme and Untouchable Series safes.


Auto-Relock System™:

All Superior models feature the Auto-Relock system which protects a safe from drilling and forced entry.


Fire Protection:

Superior Safe uses multiple layers of 5/8″ Fire Code Type X insulation. The insulation is carefully and properly installed with no uncovered wall spaces or hinge pocket cutouts.


High Capacity Gun Racks:

Superior’s double-sided gun racks allow for optimal floor space utilization, thus providing unsurpassed long-gun storage. Velour covered, fully adjustable shelving completes this functional yet elegant interior.

Steel-Reinforced Top Shelves:

To support heavy loading, Superior installs a steel reinforcement to each side of the top two shelves on all safe models, size 40 and larger.


Door Organizer:

All safe models (except the SS Series) come with durable fabric door organizers featuring pistol holders, mesh and fabric door pockets, knife holders and key clips.


UL® Security Rating 18DN:

All models have earned a UL® Residential Security rating.